• Sales: 48,455 vehicles / +15.8% 
  • Revenue: EUR 278.8 million / +11.7%
  • EBIT: EUR 25.1 million / +15.7%
  • Further staff increase by 62 employees

In substance, this increase is due to the very positive development of the European, the North-American and the Indian market. In the first quarter, KTM achieved revenue of EUR 278.8 million compared to EUR 249.5 million in prior year.

Increase in EBIT to EUR 25.1 million (+15.7% to prior year) 
Due to the growth in sales and revenue, KTM could increase EBIT to EUR 25.1 million compared to EUR 21.7 million in prior year. Therefore, KTM achieved an EBIT margin of 9.0% in the first quarter 2016.

Further staff increase by 62 employees 
As of March 31, 2016 KTM engaged 2,577 employees worldwide, compared to 2,515 employees as of December 31, 2015.

The Executive Board of KTM AG expects further increase in sales and revenue for the financial year 2016. In the current financial year, the planned investments amount to about EUR 120 million.