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Apprentice, 3rd year of apprenticeship

CAD construction (mechanical engineering)

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When I was searching for a suitable apprentice position, my passion for motorcycling led me to KTM. During the trial apprenticeship, it quickly became clear to me that this is my dream company and the right profession for me. It was very exciting to gain a first insight into the apprenticeship as a CAD constructor.

As well as my interest in technology and working with computers, it is important for me as a constructor to be creative and to have good knowledge of math, technical understanding and spatial imagination. KTM gives me lots of opportunities to develop my capabilities further. For example, there are training sessions and courses in mechanical engineering, mathematics and English. These possibilities have made my entry into vocational school significantly easier. I am also taking the opportunity to do an apprenticeship with school-leaving certificate at KTM. I think it’s great that KTM encourages this initiative and that individual courses are organized directly in the company.

The coolest thing about my job is that I am involved in the creation of a new motorbike from the start. It’s just brilliant to experience how an idea is formed and implemented in 3D at the computer, and then to see how the parts are built and installed on the motorbike. I also think it’s great that I can apply my technical enthusiasm at the computer.

Every year, I look forward to the joint apprentice workshop. You get to know lots of colleagues from other departments there, which really promotes our sense of community.

I have no regrets at all about having started my apprenticeship at KTM and am proud of being a member of the “orange family”.

My tip for future apprentices: Give your best from day one. That way, you can leave a good impression with the instructors and have a better chance of landing in your dream department after your apprenticeship.