• Sales: 88,531 vehicles / +25.6%
  • Revenue: EUR 515.1 million / +25.5%
  • EBIT: EUR 50.3 million / +49.7%

In the first half year 2015 KTM sold 88,531 vehicles worldwide.

Therefore, sales increased by 25.6% compared to prior year. In the first half year, KTM achieved revenue of EUR 515.1 million compared to EUR 410.3 million in prior year.

Increase in EBIT to EUR 50.3 million (+49.7% to prior year)

By this significant increase in sales and revenue, KTM could increase EBIT to EUR 50.3 million compared to EUR 33.6 million in prior year. Therefore, KTM achieved an EBIT margin of 9.8% in the first half year 2015.


KTM expects further increase in sales and revenue for the business year 2015.